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Ayurveda is not just a practice of healing, it’s a habit and lifestyle equilibrium. Maintaining this balance requires diligent steps towards the adaptation of Ayurveda into our lives. With a touch of nature, the knowledge of Ayurveda, and the profoundness of modern times, we intend to deliver balanced products for healthy well-being.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question : How are our ayurvedic products unique compared to other products?

Answer : Balance Ayurveda only uses unadulterated, organic, clean, and superior-quality ingredients.

To ensure high-quality products, we craft them in small batches.

We have curated composite products. Designed to not only provide medicinal nutrients but also give strength and energy to heal the body and mind internally.

Our formulas work better.

Question : Why do our formulas work better?

Answer : Using time-honoured knowledge of Ayurveda and +100 years of manufacturing experience, we have curated unique formulations suitable for modern lifestyle issues.

Medicinal herbs and classical medicines are incorporated together to form stronger formulations.

We formulate our products using a multifaceted approach. The formulations are designed not just to provide medicinal benefits, but also to strengthen and energize the organ or system they target.

Question : Why is it so important that our ingredients are clean and top-quality?

Answer : Unadulterated and organic ingredients yield cleaner and stronger medicinal products. With years of experience and expertise, we have figured out the best places from all over India to procure cleaner ingredients. When these ingredients arrive, they are sorted manually, and only the best ingredients are used to make your supplements.

Question : Do you sell any Medication or Supplements over-the-counter?

Answer : Ayurvedic medicines can be self-prescribed, but we recommend consulting an ayurvedic doctor or getting yourself diagnosed medically. Balance Ayurveda's products are perfect for people who suffer from persistent long-term conditions. The reason is that they tend to strengthen and heal the organ or system to which they are targeted. When taken at therapeutic dosages or as prescribed by an ayurvedic doctor, there are no side effects.

Question : Is there a right time to take these ayurvedic products?

Answer : For better absorption of medicinal nutrients, it is recommended that one consumes these products at least half an hour after eating a meal in the morning and at night.

Question : Where can I buy 'The Balance' products?

Answer : You can find us exclusively on,, and We take care of the physical aspect of your well-being. But it doesn't end there. We promise that your mental well-being will be a by-product of that healthy and harmonious body.

with Balance Ayurveda

Balance Body, Mind, & Soul

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