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Why we exist? Our Story

Who got us started?Our one-woman army, Our commando Dadi

Balance Ayurveda is a result of a spirit of service and a commitment to bring back 'balance to being'. It is the legacy of our great-great-grandmother passed on to us from generations.

The Legacy

Born in 1895, widowed at the age of 19, she refused to adhere to the norms prescribed for widows at that time. She escaped her in-law's village with a young infant to start a new life and raise her child on her terms.

Mastered The Formulations

A mother’s love indeed surpasses all others. Her earnest attempts to carve her path and nourish her child led her to discover Ayurveda. After decades of experimentation, she mastered the formulations based on sacred texts and started sharing her medicines and concoctions with others, free of cost. As the word spread, her medicinal formulations proved their efficacy, offering relief to those suffering from ailments and imbalances.

Inherited From Ancestors

Since then, Ayurveda has been an integral part of our family tradition and has passed from generation to generation. Along with this rich knowledge, we have always upheld the genuineness of our ingredients and the sanctity of the creation process.

We have been in the manufacturing business for over 25 years. Now it’s time we honor our ancestral legacy in a befitting manner. Balance Ayurveda Private Limited is a pharmaceutical company based in Faridabad, India established in 2021. We essentially deal in ayurvedic medicines and herbal consumer products.


Our Vision‘Bring the balance back to being’ and on all levels - mind, body, and spirit.

We do this by creating products that integrate the ‘Prakriti’ (human body constitution) with ‘dosha’ (three life forces) to help you build physical strength, mental rigor, and spiritual oneness.

We envision a world where human beings can exist in internal as well as external balance bound by the spirit of universal interconnectedness.

  • Vata

    energy of movement

  • Pitta

    body's metabolic system

  • Kapha

    forms body's structure

  • Satvogun

    stimulates happiness, love and desire

  • Rajogun

    stimulates anger, confusion, greed

  • Tamogun

    stimulates laziness and low mood