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Balance Ayurveda

The Balance Diabetes Malt

Classic Immunity-Boosting Formula | Organ Healing, Vitality, and Energy Enhancement | Traditional Ayurvedic Recipe | Sugar-Free and Easy to Consume

Diabetes, meet your match: The Balance Diabetes Malt – your secret weapon for managing blood sugar like a pro. Nourish the pancreas, and stimulate insulin with The Balance Diabetes Malt: a sugar-free solution for diabetes wellness.

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Our Client Speak

Very Impressed By The Formulation

" I have been taking it for 2 months now. I can already see changes in my energy. I am very impressed by the formulation. It is strong."


Hb1Ac Levels Have Improved

"This malt has worked wonders for me. Hb1Ac levels have improved. And fasting sugar levels have also lowered."


Ingredient Spotlight: No Secrets, Just Goodness


Gudmar helps curb sugar cravings and has potent antioxidants that help get rid of free radicals in the body.

Amla and Neem

Amla and Neem are rich in Vitamin C and low in calories. They repair pancreatic tissue and helps in weight management


Karavellaka commonly known as Karela helps lower the body's blood sugar level. The bitterness acts like insulin and helps bring glucose as energy for the cells.


Jamun is rich in alkaloids that convert scratch into energy. It helps manage frequent thirst and urine in diabetic patients.

Prameha Gaj Kesari Ras and Vasant Kusumakar Ras

Prameha Gaj Kesari Ras and Vasant Kusumakar Ras revitalize your pancreas and build insulin generating capacity of the body.

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Got Questions?
Find Answers Here.
Which Symptoms Does This Product Treat?

The Balance Diabetes Malt, an ayurvedic medicine for diabetes care, treats symptoms like:

- High blood sugar levels
- Frequent thirst
- Frequent urination
- Fatigue and low energy levels
- Stress and anxiety related to diabetes
- Weakened immune system
- General weakness or malaise
- Poor digestion or digestive discomfort
- Nutritional deficiencies associated with diabetes

How Can This Product Benefit You?

The malt aims to provide several benefits for individuals with diabetes, such as:

- Immunity enhancement: The malt contains classical immunity-boosting herbs and fruits, helping strengthen the immune system.

- Blood sugar regulation: Aids in regulating blood sugar levels, offering support for individuals with diabetes.

- Sugar-free and easy to consume: The malt is free from added sugars and provides convenience in consumption.

- Traditional Ayurvedic recipe: Formulated using traditional Ayurvedic principles, the malt acts as a medicinal supplement, promoting the healing of multiple organs, enhancing vitality, and boosting energy levels.

- Stress and fatigue relief: The malt serves as a remedy for common issues like stress and fatigue that diabetic patients often experience.

- Pancreatic stimulation and cell regeneration: The malt stimulates the pancreas and aids in regenerating pancreatic cells, which are responsible for insulin production.

How Does This Product Work From A Scientific And Ayurvedic Perspective?

Scientifically, using these ingredients could improve insulin sensitivity, enhance glucose uptake by cells, and reduce liver glucose production.

In Ayurveda, through a holistic approach to health and well-being, consuming these aim to balance the body's doshas (energies). Several herbs and ingredients are used to benefit in the following ways:

- Gudmar reduces sugar cravings and contains powerful antioxidants that eliminate free radicals in the body.
- Amla and Neem, rich in Vitamin C and low in calories, repair pancreatic tissue and aid in weight management.
- Karela (Karavellaka) lowers blood sugar levels by acting like insulin and providing glucose as energy for cells.
- Jamun converts starch into energy and helps manage frequent thirst and urine in diabetes.
- Prameha Gaj Kesari Ras and Vasant Kusumakar Ras rejuvenate the pancreas and enhance insulin production in the body.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With This Product?

Every individual has a unique Prakriti and may react accordingly to a herb. When consumed in therapeutic doses these have none to lower risk of side effects.

What Is a Diabetes Malt? How Is It Different From a Capsule?

Diabetes malt typically refers to malt-based products marketed for individuals with diabetes, often touted as a natural sweetener or nutritional supplement. While Diabetes capsules refer to medication in capsule form specifically formulated to help manage blood sugar levels. Consuming both diabetes capsules and malts works effectively in managing Diabetes.

However, if you choose Malt over the capsule, expect the following advantages:

- Contains immunity-boosting herbs and fruits, strengthening Immunity.
- Aids in regulating blood sugar levels, supporting individuals with diabetes.
- Free from added sugars and easy to consume.
- Stimulates the pancreas and aids in regenerating insulin-producing cells.
- Formulation based on Ayurvedic principles, promoting organ healing, vitality, and energy.
- Helps alleviate common issues like stress and fatigue experienced by diabetic patients.

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Genuine Results in 90 Days ADOPT. BALANCE. CONQUER.

Genuine Results in 90 Days ADOPT. BALANCE. CONQUER.

Most often, quick-fix medicines only do temporary symptom management. At Balance Ayurveda, we look at dis-ease from standpoint of imbalance. That is why we have created products aimed at multipurpose treatment. Focusing on the root cause of the disease, we have encapsulated core principles of Ayurveda to heal holistically and build resilience. To achieve this balance, you must adopt Ayurveda and commit for at least 90 days to experience long-lasting results.

Full List of Ingredients X

Each 10g malt contains:

1 Gudmar Gymnema sylvestre 500 mg.
2 Vijay Sar Pterocarpus marsupium 500 mg.
3 Karela Memordica charantia 500 mg.
4 Neem Azadirachta indica 500 mg.
5 Arogyavardhini Vati Classical Medicine 500 mg.
6 Premhgaj Kesri Classical Medicine 200 mg.
7 Madhumehnashini Gutika Classical Medicine 200 mg.
8 Vasant Kusmakar Ras Classical Medicine 25 mg.
9 Amla Emblica officinalis 500 mg.
10 Jamun Syzygium cummi 500 mg.
11 Harbara Cicer arietinum 500 mg.