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Balance Ayurveda

The Balance Man Malt

Safe to Consume Regularly | Stamina Enhancement | Power of Ginseng and Shilajit | Immune System Support | Testosterone Regulation | Enhanced Sexual Function | Balances Tridosha

The Balance Man Malt is a potent Ayurvedic supplement designed to rekindle your physical and mental vigour. Drawing from the rich heritage of Ayurveda, this malt addresses various health imbalances, especially those related to low libido and drive.

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Our Client Speak

It Has Impacted My Sexual Stamina

"I am amazed at how much it has impacted my sexual stamina and strength. Makes me feel energetic too."


My Sexual Function Has Improved

"I feel more energetic and my sexual function has improved. It's safe with no side effects and trusted solution. Give it a try!"


Ingredient Spotlight: No Secrets, Just Goodness


Shilajit boosts testosterone levels and is remedial in cases of infertility.

Musli and Amla

Musli and Amla is used for boosting vitality, improving sexual performance, and acts as a remedy against erectile dysfunction.


Kesar or Saffron is useful in increasing sex drive, preventing erectile dysfunction and early orgasm.

Sidh Makardhwaj bhasma

Sidh Makardhwaj bhasma reverses aging and improves the overall stamina and vigour in men.


Anjeer has aphrodisiac abilities that increase sex drive and stimulate sexual arousal.


Rose has aphrodisiac abilities that increase sex drive and stimulate sexual arousal.

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Genuine Results in 90 Days ADOPT. BALANCE. CONQUER.

Genuine Results in 90 Days ADOPT. BALANCE. CONQUER.

Most often, quick-fix medicines only do temporary symptom management. At Balance Ayurveda, we look at dis-ease from standpoint of imbalance. That is why we have created products aimed at multipurpose treatment. Focusing on the root cause of the disease, we have encapsulated core principles of Ayurveda to heal holistically and build resilience. To achieve this balance, you must adopt Ayurveda and commit for at least 90 days to experience long-lasting results.

Full List of Ingredients X

Each 10g malt contains:

1 Shudh Shilajeet Asphaltum punjabinum 100 mg.
2 Ashwagandha Withania somnifera 200 mg.
3 Dharksha Vitis venifera 200 mg.
4 Safed musli Chlorophytum tuberosum 100 mg.
5 Kaunch beej Mucuna prurita 200 mg.
6 Shatavari Asparagus officinalis 200 mg.
7 Kesar Crocus sativus 1 mg.
8 Jaiphal Myristica fragrans 50 mg.
9 Lavanga Caryophyllus aromaticus 50 mg.
10 Gokhru Tribulus terrestis 200 mg.
11 Ajmod Apium graveolens 100 mg.
12 Khajoor Phoenix Sylvestris 500 mg.
13 Amla Emblica officinalis 200 mg.
14 Anjeer Ficus carica 200 mg.
15 Gulab phool Rosa indica 100 mg.
16 Salam Mishri Orchis mascula 20 mg.
17 Salam panja Habenaria intermedia 20 mg.
18 Arjuna Terminalia arjuna 100 mg.
19 Triphala Classical Medicine 200 mg.
20 Brahmi vati Classical Medicine 20 mg.
21 Swarn Bhang Classical Medicine 10 mg.
22 Sidh Makardwaj Classical Medicine 10 mg.
23 Ras sindoor Classical Medicine 20 mg.
24 Arogyavardhani Vati Classical Medicine 50 mg.
25 Chandraprabha Vati Classical Medicine 50 mg.
26 Desi Khand Base Saccharam officinarum q.s.