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Balance Ayurveda

The Balance Pachan Capsules

Ayurvedic Digestive Support | Alleviates Indigestion, Gas, and Bloating | Soothing Relief from acidity and heartburn | Protecting your stomach lining | Enzyme Stimulation

Balance Ayurveda’s Pachan Capsules contain a harmonious blend of well-known Ayurvedic herbs such as Saunth, Jatamansi, Jeera, and Mulethi, each selected for their digestive benefits.

3 Month Dosage

180 Capsules

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Our Client Speak

No More Acidity Issues

"The Balance Pachan Capsules are a game-changer for my digestion. Very strong formulation and works well too. No more acidity issues. Highly recommended!"


No Other Medicine Worked

"Amazing capsules. No other medicine worked as they did. Will recommend using at least for 3 months."


Ingredient Spotlight: No Secrets, Just Goodness


Peepali is a potent anti-flatulent that helps in the reduction of gas formation in the digestive canal.


Saunth or ginger with its anti-inflammatory properties helps neutralize acidity and protects the delicate stomach lining.


Dalchini lowers bad cholesterol levels and helps manage the acid level of the digestive tract.


Laung or Clove increases the production of gastric mucus and acts as a barrier to prevent erosion of stomach tissues from acid reflux.


Jatamansi is an excellent remedy for curing intestinal worms and helps in treating stomach-related pains due to its analgesic properties.

Badi Elaichi

Badi Elaichi is an appetite stimulant and aids digestion by regulating digestive enzymes.


Jeera helps increase metabolism by secreting compounds that break down carbohydrates, fats, and glucose.


Mulethi contains glycyrrhizin, making it a great remedy to relieve constipation and reduce inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Assured Results in 90 Days ADOPT. BALANCE. CONQUER.

Assured Results in 90 Days ADOPT. BALANCE. CONQUER.

Most often, quick-fix medicines only do temporary symptom management. At Balance Ayurveda, we look at dis-ease from standpoint of imbalance. That is why we have created products aimed at multipurpose treatment. Focusing on the root cause of the disease, we have encapsulated core principles of Ayurveda to heal holistically and build resilience. To achieve this balance, you must adopt Ayurveda and commit for at least 90 days to experience assured results.

Full List of Ingredients X

Each capsule contains:

1 Peepali Piper longum 60 mg.
2 Saunth Zingiber officinalis 40 mg.
3 Javitri Myristica fragrance 20 mg.
4 Jatamansi Nardoctachys jatamansi 40 mg.
5 Dalchini Cinnamomum zeylanicum 60 mg.
6 Kabab chini Piper cubeba 40 mg.
7 Lavang Syzygium aromaticum 60 mg.
8 Mulethi Glycerrhiza glabra 15 mg.
9 Chitrak mool Plumbago capansis 15 mg.
10 Saunf Foeniculum vulgere 15 mg.
11 Ajwain Trachyspermum anmi 15 mg.
12 Elaichi badi Elateria cardemomum 60 mg.
Processed In:
13 Jeera Cuminum cyminum
14 Kachora Curcuma zedoria
15 Nishoth Operculina terpethum
16 Sat Nimbu Citrus medica