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Balance Ayurveda

The Balance Woman Capsules

Elevate Daily Energy and Wellness | Unveil Inner Beauty and Radiance | Maintain Sexual Wellness and Hormonal Balance | Active Ingredients for Vata Dosha Balance

Stress-free, vibrant, and fabulous – that's you, thanks to The Balance Woman Capsules! Find your inner calm, and radiate with beauty. An ayurvedic remedy to revitalize your well-being.

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180 Capsules

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Our Client Speak

I Feel More Balanced, Energetic…

"I feel more balanced, energetic, and confident. It has helped me manage stress and improve my overall well-being. Simple & Clean solution."


This Genuinely Has Worked

"I feel rejuvenated and radiant! I take one capsule twice daily. This has improved my energy levels and sexual virality. Didn’t believe in Ayurveda that much, but this genuinely has worked for me."


Ingredient Spotlight: No Secrets, Just Goodness


Shilajit is remedial in cases of infertility and lower libido in women.


Ashwagandha induces relaxation and hormonal balance that leads to lower stress levels and a better mood.

Ashoka bark

Ashoka bark is very helpful in the treatment of female reproductive system-related ailments and blood purification.


Lodhra is abundant in flavonoids and helps combat vaginal infection.

Pradrantak Loh Bhasma and Pushpadhanwa Ras

Pradrantak Loh Bhasma and Pushpadhanwa Ras are vitality-boosting herbs and are used traditionally to boost female libido and work against infertility.

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Which symptoms does this product treat?

The Balance Woman Capsules treat symptoms address a range of symptoms and concerns related to feminine well-being:

- Fatigue, stress, and anxiety

- Irritability and emotional imbalance.

- Low Vitality, Strength, and Stamina

- Hormonal Imbalance.

How can this product benefit you?

Featuring Ashoka, lodhra, pradantak Loh bhasma, trivang bhasma , the Woman Capsule is our signature formulation that provides benefits like:

- Increased energy levels
- Inner radiance and beauty
- Improved sexual wellness
- Hormonal balance support
- Active ingredients targeting Vata dosha imbalance.
- Hormonal balance
- Mood stabilization
- Reduction in stress, fatigue, and anxiety
- Rich in antioxidants
- Combat against free radicals
Prevents premature aging

How will this Woman care range work from a scientific and Ayurvedic perspective?

Scientifically, the ingredients of the Woman Care range work at a cellular level to enhance metabolism, promote hormonal balance, boost immune function, provide targeted nutrition, and optimize women's health, vitality, and overall quality of life.

In Ayurveda, through a holistic approach to health and well-being, the consumption of these capsules aims to balance the body's doshas (energies). Several herbs and ingredients are used to benefit in the following ways:

- Shilajit: Aids in infertility, Increases libido in women

- Ashwagandha: Induces relaxation, promotes hormonal balance, reduces stress levels, and enhances mood

- Ashoka Bark: Treats female reproductive system issues, supports blood purification

- Lodhra: Fights vaginal infections

- Pradrantak Loh Bhasma and Pushpadhanwa Ras Bhasma: Boosts vitality and female libido

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With This Product?

Every individual has a unique Prakriti and may react accordingly to a herb. When consumed in therapeutic doses, these have no lower risk of side effects.

Can I Combine Woman Capsule with Woman Malt?

Yes, you can take Woman capsules and malt together expecting stronger results. But, you must consult your physician or test for a week or 10 days to check for any side effects due to increased dosage. Since every prakriti is unique, they may react differently to different dosages and ingredients.

Customer Reviews

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Assured Results in 90 Days ADOPT. BALANCE. CONQUER.

Assured Results in 90 Days ADOPT. BALANCE. CONQUER.

Most often, quick-fix medicines only do temporary symptom management. At Balance Ayurveda, we look at dis-ease from standpoint of imbalance. That is why we have created products aimed at multipurpose treatment. Focusing on the root cause of the disease, we have encapsulated core principles of Ayurveda to heal holistically and build resilience. To achieve this balance, you must adopt Ayurveda and commit for at least 90 days to experience assured results.

Full List of Ingredients X

Each capsule contains:

1 Shudh shilajeet Asphaltum punjabianum 60 mg.
2 Ashwagandha Withania somnifera 50 mg.
3 Kesar Crocus sativus 2.5 mg.
4 Kounch Mucuna pruriens 50 mg.
5 Gokhru Tribulus terrestris 50 mg.
6 Majuphal Quercus infectoria 35 mg.
7 Safed musli Asparagus adscendens 40 mg.
8 Ashoka Saraca indica 80 mg.
9 Lodhra Symplocos racemosa 30 mg.
10 Amalkirasyan Classical Medicine 50 mg
11 Pradrantak loh Classical Medicine 25 mg
12 Trivang bhasam Classical Medicine 12.5 mg
13 Puspadhanwa ras Classical Medicine 50 mg
14 Vang bhasam Classical Medicine 5 mg
Processed In:
15 Aloe Vera Aloe barbadensis