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Can you elevate hair growth with oils? Here is the truth

 Almost every Indian has heard their mothers, grandmothers, and aunts advocating that you can elevate hair growth with oils. A wise man once said, don't believe anything you read on the internet. That wise man forgot that we should also recheck what our grandmothers said.

Does oil help with hair regrowth

As of now, there are no scientific studies that prove that oil can help the growth of new hair. Therefore, bathing in oils will not help if you have hair thinning, hair loss, or bald patches. 

Oil gives the illusion of hair growth as it is a viscous, thick compound when applied to your hair. It attaches to the hair strands, making it look shiner, healthier and thicker. So, that can give an illusion of hair growth.

Benefits of oiling hair

While it may not help with new hair growth, oils have some benefits.

  • Protection against physical damage, daily wear and tear, frizziness, and dryness.

  • Essential oils, like castor oils, are rich in omega fatty acids and vitamins, which can strengthen your hair strands. It helps by increasing the hair's tensile strength, reducing frizziness, and preventing breakage.

  • Oils like castor and olive oil are rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids. They can create a physical barrier around the hair cells. Preventing moisture loss which can leave strands looking dull and dry. 

  • Oiling hair regularly also reduces hygral fatigue. When we wash our hair, our hair follicles swell up because of the water. And it shrinks after our hair dries. So, this repeated swelling and unswelling can damage hair follicles. This is called hygral fatigue. Oiling your hair before shampooing may protect your hair follicles.

How to promote hair growth

Hair fall can occur for a laundry list of reasons, from hormonal changes and alopecia to stress, so it's always best to visit your doctor to determine what's happening. You can try a few things to grow hair naturally if you suffer from hair loss. 

Massage: Some anecdotal evidence suggests oils massage can help hair grow. But oil plays no role here. Instead, massaging the scalp improves blood circulation to your hair follicles. More blood brings more nutrients which can promote hair growth. Plus, it reduces stress which is the primary cause of hair fall.

Essential oils: Essential oils like peppermint and rosemary contain menthol and carnosic acid. When absorbed by the skin, it improves blood circulation. Thus, providing nourishment to the hair follicles may lead to healthier hair.

Stop Smoking: We're not here to criticize, but we'd be lying if we said smoking somehow doesn't affect your hair. Smoking reduces blood flow to the scalp and follicles, limiting the necessary oxygen and nutrients that your hair and scalp require to be healthy. Smoking also accelerates the natural aging of hair cells, promoting hair follicle damage and greying of hair.

A balanced diet rich in protein and lipids: Instead of popping vitamin pills, try eating healthy fats, omega acids, and proteins. Vitamins and minerals found naturally in meals are more available to your body. They will naturally provide a healthy nutrient ratio. Because our bodies cannot create omega-3 fatty acids, healthy fats are necessary for hair health. As a result, getting these fats through our diet is critical. They hydrate hair follicles, resulting in intensely shiny and lustrous strands.

Preventing future hair loss: Reducing stress on the hair and avoiding tight hairstyles that might put tension on the hair is just as important as promoting hair growth. It is always preferable to consult with a board-certified dermatologist if you have hair loss to establish the best treatment choices.


So, you cannot elevate hair growth with oils. But applying oil creates an illusion of more hair and healthy, thick hair strands. Sorry to disappoint you again, but instead of hopelessly using oil on your hair, why don’t you include those healthy fats in your diet? Add a splash of ghee or olive oil to your daal or chapati. And, if your hair problems are not resolved or serious, visit a dermatologist. See yaa soon with another myth-busting blog. Till then, why don't you learn why a fungus lives on the head rent-free and causes dandruff?

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  • Ikonremedies on Jun 10, 2023

    Thanks for sharing and explaining hair care. Elevate offers you the optimal hair development oil to incorporate into your regular hair care regimen. You can also check out hair care medicines here.

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