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How To Care For Your Hair In The Winter

No matter how much we love those cold, winter days and those gusts of wind that take away all the relentless heat, at the end of the day, our hair has to bear the brunt of the evil, dry, moisture-less, and flaky season. 

Yes, winter can be the time of the year when you see visible damage to your hair and scalp- leading to a desperate need for some tender, loving winter hair care. Right from dandruff and itchy scalps to hair fall and weak roots, we guys and girls need a winter hair treatment that helps our tresses thrive no matter how brutal the weather!

The Winter Hair Care Tips You Need To Know

No matter your hair type, there’s something for everyone in Ayurvedic hair care for winters that is both natural, and sustainable so that you don’t have to worry the least bit about any kind of side effects. So without further ado, let’s jump right into a listicle on Ayurveda-inspired winter hair treatments that will give you all the winter hair care tips and tricks you’ve been looking for.

    1. 1. Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate

One of the most vital winter hair care tips is to drink an ample amount of water each passing day, to keep your body hydrated and your skin and scalp moisturized. While this is one of the most underrated of all winter hair care tips, regular water intake of up to 3 liters per day boosts mineral circulation in the bloodstream, hydrating and nourishing hair roots in the process.

    1. 2. Hot Oil Massages

Oil massages are a wonderous winter hair treatment that boosts the strength and health of your hair with continued use of the right blend of oils, just like The Balance Hair Oil which works as an absolute elixir for your winter hair. Massaging your scalp with warm oil as a winter hair care ritual stimulates blood circulation, which in turn, nourishes and strengthens hair follicles and promotes faster hair growth. Massages also help prevent dandruff by stimulating the sebaceous glands on your scalp; thereby adding a natural shine to your hair. With consistent massage done at least twice a week for 15 minutes, two hours before you wash your hair, you will witness increased volume, length, and luster. Bye bye dry and frizzy winter hair!

    1. 3. A Gooseberry A Day Keeps Winter Woes Away

Having one Amla fruit per day is a hair care Ayurveda tip that not only helps combat hair fall but also helps lock in moisture. Whether eaten whole or as a juice, the Indian Gooseberry is a winter hair care must-have that also improves scalp health by combating dandruff, dryness, and itchiness. To make your own Amla juice, take 10-20 medium-sized gooseberries and blend them into a puree. Strain the puree through a muslin cloth and then dilute this concentrate with a little bit of water. If you can’t take the tartness, add some ginger and lemon for flavoring.

    1. 4. Do A Neem Hair Rinse

Many winter hair care products feature Neem as a hero ingredient due to its several hair-friendly and anti-inflammatory properties. One of the best winter hair treatments is thus, to incorporate the power of Neem into your winter hair care routine. How you can do this is with a Neem hair rinse that you can use once or twice a week. To make this, Ayurveda hair care rinse, boil a bunch of Neem leaves in water for 15 minutes; set it aside to cool and then strain the liquid via a sieve and use this Neem-infused water as a final rinse while washing your hair.

    1. 5. Protect Your Hair From The Wind And The Artificial Heat

Another winter hair treatment is to safeguard your hair from the dry winds whenever you step outside. To prevent the dry weather from sucking out whatever moisture that’s left in your hair, make sure to cover your hair with a warm scarf or beanie before going out. On the other hand, also make sure you don’t let your hair go under intense heat with those styling tools that further take away the moisture left in your hair. Your winter curly hair routine might have to change a little if you use those straighteners and hot curlers as continued usage during winter may damage hair quality and make your hair duller and drier.

    1. 6. Use Mild Shampoos

Out of all the winter hair care products that you may have, the most important one you require is a mild shampoo that doesn’t strip your scalp of its natural oils that are needed for the winter. Choosing a mild shampoo that is devoid of sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrances, and colors is the winter hair care your crowning glory truly deserves. Try going for natural, herbal shampoos over the ones loaded with chemicals and sold over the counters. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also make your own hair care Ayurveda shampoo at home using Shikakai, Reetha, Indian gooseberry/amla, Hibiscus, Neem, Holy basil, Fenugreek, Rose, Brahmi, Green gram, and Sandalwood (optional).

Your Balanced Winter Hair Care Routine

Now that winters are officially here, apart from these expert Ayurveda hair care tips, it is also important to have a natural winter hair care products arsenal ready at your disposal, and we at Balance Ayurveda have just the right fixes for you.

To establish your three-step Balance Ayurveda winter hair care routine, here’s what you need to do.

1. Start your day with The Balance Hair Malt, which works its magic from your stomach, where most of your healthy hair nutrients are supposed to be ingested! Formulated using active ingredients like Bhringraj and Rosemary, you can include the Malt in your daily diet regime for a winter hair treatment like no other. Taken with water or milk twice a day the Balance Hair Malt improves blood flow to the scalp, and helps combat winter hair woes like dandruff and hair fall.

2. The best way to get rid of the dryness and flakiness that comes with winter is to pop our Balance Hair Capsules made with essential oils rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Consisting of a magical mixture of Brahmi Vati, Lakshmi Vilas Ras, and Shir Shuladi Vajra Ras, our hair capsules when taken twice a day help combat hair fall during the winters.

3. To seal the deal for the best winter hair care routine, hot oil massages using The Balance Hair oil are a must! This hair care Ayurveda blend is made using 19 premium oils that drastically reduce the dryness, flakiness, and itch in your scalp- proving to be a winter hair treatment like no other.

So go ahead and be sure to save your hair from the cold, cold winters that are on their way!

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