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How to take care of dry and frizzy hair

Whenever you scroll through Instagram, you see influencers flaunting glossy, shiny hair like it's nobody’s business. What do you do next? Well, you obviously look at your tresses and find them to be dry frizzy, and not so shiny- because trust us, we all do the same. So rather than trying to compare your dry frizzy hair to those gorgeous locks, it is always a good idea to keep your hair healthy from the inside, so they look good on the outside. 

To do this, your ideal hair treatment for dry and frizzy hair has to be through Ayurveda, without a doubt. But first, it is wiser to know the reasons for dry and frizzy hair, and what's contributing to your dull crowning glory at the moment.

The Ultimate List of Dry Frizzy Hair Causes

While dry and frizzy hair doesn’t just show up one morning, they do give you a sign when your hair slowly transitions into a certain dull quality, supplemented with a dry, prickly and itchy scalp. While the most obvious reason for this is a lack of moisture in your scalp, here is a comprehensive list of reasons for dry and frizzy hair.

Your Tendency Is Such

Just like skin types that range between dry, oily, and combination- hair types can also be among these three categories, thanks to the tendencies of our scalp. If you are typically prone to dryness on your skin, you may most likely be having dry and frizzy hair that needs some extra attention.

You Have Chemically Treated Hair

One of the many causes of dry and frizzy hair includes chemical treatments that strip your hair and scalp off of their natural oils and break your hair bonds to modify them. Four of the most common chemical hair treatments that are almost always the reasons for dry and frizzy hair include Chemical Relaxers and straightening treatments, permanent wave, specialty and design perms, and a hair texturizer.

You Color Your Hair

Most often, if you continuously color your hair, or have gotten them colored recently, they end up looking dull and frizzy. Why is this so? Well, color treatments work by opening the molecules of the outer cuticle enough to allow the synthetic dye to penetrate to the cortex, and since the outer cuticle has been penetrated by the dye, the natural oil of your hair, known as sebum, doesn’t travel down the strand. This results in your hair being dry and brittle.

The Weather Is Such

Other causes for dry and frizzy hair almost always have something to do with the weather. Thanks to the winters and the cold air, the moisture from the scalp and hair are stripped away, and this major lack of moisture takes away the sheen from our lustrous locks. At times, dry and frizzy hair can also result from spending a lot of time in the sun or wind, which can further cause dandruff.

Overusing Heating Tools

Not making peace with your hair type can lead to styling them using heated tools every week, or even twice. This can have detrimental effects on your hair, thus causing dry and frizzy hair that looks dull and lifeless. Heating tools ranging from blow dryers to curling and straightening irons can all drain the moisture from your hair, making them dry and prone to breakage.

How To Treat Dry Frizzy Hair

Now that we’ve addressed the reasons for dry and frizzy hair, it’s important to remember that it’s never too late to start acting upon it. Dry hair frizz control can be done in a multitude of ways, and the damage and dullness can be reversed with the help of some conscious practices and the use of Balance Ayurveda’s all-natural hair care products that include Ayurvedic hair capsules, hair malt, and ultra-effective hair oil.

To treat your dry and frizzy hair from the root, and make sure they’re influencer-ready, here are a few sure-shot practices to incorporate into your life.

    1. 1. Oil Your Hair

One of the best remedies you can ever turn to for dry and frizzy hair is oiling your hair at least twice a week. Using The Balance Hair oil which is made with a unique blend of 19 premium oils rich in nutrients, you can potentially seal the outer hair layer or cuticle with moisture, thus repairing the damage. Make sure you take the required amount of The Balance Hair Oil, warm it up a little, and massage it onto your scalp for a good 15 minutes to boost circulation. Let it stay for 2-3 hours, then wash it off with mild shampoo. Repeat this process before each wash, to see effective results.

    1. 2. Use Gentle Products

Get rid of all the chemical-based products on your bathroom shelf and purge yourself of harsh chemical treatments on your scalp. Ditch shampoos and conditioners that are loaded with sulfates and parabens, and do not over-wash your hair. Also, refrain from using leave-on serums and conditioners that have a lot of chemicals in them. Instead, try using natural methods and gentle shampoos that retain the moisture in your scalp and hair.

    1. 3. Start From The Inside

To maintain good scalp health and to ensure you don’t face the problems that come with dry and frizzy hair, go ahead and start from the inside. A lack of essential vitamins and minerals is often a cause for poor skin and hair health, and the best way these necessary nutrients can be ingested is via The Balance Hair Malt and our Balance Hair Capsules. With all ingredients sourced directly from nature, our Ayurvedic hair products, when consumed twice daily with milk or water can work wonders on your gorgeous hair.

    1. 4. Use A Banana Mask

Apart from being the easiest-to-eat fruit around, bananas are high in potassium and have high moisture content, which makes them suitable for treating dry hair. To see the miraculous effects a banana might have on your dry and frizzy hair, go ahead and mash one banana and thoroughly spread it onto your hair, right from root to tip. Leave this simple mask on for 1 hour and rinse with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo. Do this twice a week to see convincing results!

And there you have it, some of the most natural ways to reverse dry frizzy hair, with the true power of Balance Ayurveda’s natural, chemical-free products that do you the world of good and no harm at all! Shiny, healthy hair starts here!

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