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Balance Ayurveda

Gokshuru Capsules

60 Ayurvedic capsules for vitality and well-being | Crafted from premium Gokhru Fruit | Works Against Urinary Tract Infections | Single Herb Powerhouse

Gokhru, scientifically known as Tribulus terrestris, is a cherished herb in Ayurveda with a history spanning centuries. Modern research validates its potential in promoting health

Quantity: 60 Capsules

Quantity: 60 Capsules

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Vitality and Energy

Gokhru is celebrated for its ability to support vitality, energy, and overall well-being.

Urinary Health

Research suggests that Gokhru may help maintain urinary tract health.

Libido Support

Some studies indicate that Gokhru may contribute to healthy libido and sexual function.

Antioxidant Properties

Gokhru is rich in antioxidants, which combat oxidative stress and support overall vitality.

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